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Yohen Japanese

Porcelin Pool Tile . Some of the features of TN’s Swimming pool tile are – Carved grooves (Dove Tall) Enhance the adhesive force – Environmental friendly, stain resistant, scratch resistant , fire resistant, fade resistant to direct sunlight – Easy to clean

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Wall Facade

T-Brick – Terracotta system brick is an exterior material developed by EUTO , is an eco friendly product which provide natural colors of soil. Ryowa Wall Tile – Innovation wall facade , in modern day architecture, extrenal wall materials are required to be functional with aesthethic comes with Fiber Shadow and Heavenly Stone . Terracotta Cladding Tile are the best alternative to exposed brick or masonry walls with its realistic and rugged finishes . Antique Birck can add the warmth and beauty of brick to inside of your home , each piece is the only . Rustic Wood Panel is custom panelling thats right in almost environment you desire.

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Victorian Tile

Victorian Tile was reproduced directly from 19th century design concept. the tiles not only ideal for restoration for older building but cal also put distinctive touch of class to feature area in modern properties. GNG Victorian Tile an unglazed porcelain ,

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Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo Tile had incredible durability. it is usitable for just about any use you can dream up / It can be used outside or indoors as a flooring material and it is great for high traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways and outdoors

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Terracotta Tile

Terracotta Tile – Everlasting beauty and safety , Klinker Tile – Tough and safety tile . Semi Handmade Tile – Insist natural and are made by skilled workmen applying an ancient firing technique . Pattern Tile and Thumble Tile

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Homogenous Braille sense of touch . The ideal guide path with a combined aesthetic presentation and functionality. Braille Tile M-Series are pre-cast from TWSI acrylic resin . Braille Tile E-series is commonly used indoor applications where floor cutting not permitted . Stainless Steel is a stainless steel made from metal alloy , everlasting tough and resistant to rust .

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Screen Block

Ventilation Block . Screen block tile are ideal for creating partitions or dividers of space while allowing for the flow of light and ventilation . Suitable applications in homes , F&B, schools and hotels .

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Roof Tile

Clay Shingle Roof Tile , Belian Shingle and Japanese flat clay roof tile are commonly used as roof coverings. Screen Block – Ventilation block are ideal for creating partitions or dividers of space while allowing for the flow of light and ventilation .

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Retro Clasical Mosaic

The classic modern design. Classico tile is honouring the architectural heritage and for all people who love and appreciate the long gone retro tile design. Classiko tile is the perfect material for restoration market, compliment contemporary desgin with heritage atmosphere. Asanoha collection combination of simple elements create different pattern . Bianco Carraara – Rome elegant carrara marble is one of the iconic luxury ancient . we have border and wooden tile

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Pool Tile

Vitro Random Mix – Classy design , Vitro Stone – Natural elegant , Classic Random Mosaic – aesthetic classic , Mural Design – stands out as an architectural element harmonizing the entire effect of space . Glazed Ceramic Mosaic – Functional elegant , Olympic Til – olympic standard of full size and half size competition pools . Sukabumi – Natural stone enhances the ecological effects to your space . Terracotta Stepnose – Everlasting beauty and safety .

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Lampang Tile (Malaysia) – Ocean alike our premium series are produced with a state of the art technology incorporating premium glaze materials and color pigments . Finishing are glazed glossy , sparkling and crackle, giving the finished product a crystallized effect. the surface is deliberately cracked to add character to the product. Lampang Tile (Thailand) ancient cracked , Handmade Series using old techniques to create two-tone/shading effect . Lampang Mosaic – ocean alike , Lampang Tile – Oriental cracked : crack effect fortifies the natural look

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Granite Plaza Tile

Innovation Pavement . Icot Ryowa floor tiles are efficiently safe to use in light to heavy duty areas. Its natural appearance and non slip surfaces are well recognised and trusted. GNG Plaza Tile a practical pavement has a sandy natural look , recommended application areas are outdoor , indoor , pool deck and heavy traffic areas . We also have Unglazed Porcelain Tile .

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