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  Latest Collection – Craft tile   Craft tile   New Product Terrazzo tile Archidex 2018 Catalogue  1. FLOOR TILE 1.1 Terracotta tile 1.2  Terracotta tile 1.3  Klinker tile 1.4 Semi handmade Terracotta tile 1.5 Terracotta Block Download Terracotta tile PDF 1.6 Cement Encaustic tile Download Cement Encaustic tile PDF 1.7 Victorian tile Download Victorian tile PDF 1.8 Outdoor Plaza tile Download Plaza tile PDF 1.9 Tactile / Braille tile 1.9.1 Homogenous Tactile 1.9.2 Arcylic Tactile (Kuriyama) 1.9.3 Stainless Steel Tactile Download Homogeneous Braille Tactile PDF Tactile 2018-Dec 2. POOL TILE 2.1 Lampang Pool Tile 2.2 Malaysia Lampang tile 2.3 Thailand Lampang Tile 2.4 China Lampang tile   Download Lampang tile PDF 2.5 Japan Pool tile   Download Yohen Porcelain tile PDF 2.6  Spain pool tile 2.6.1  Ezarri pool tile 2.6.2 GNG Spanish Mosaic Download Ezarri Mosaic PDF 2.7  Glazed Ceramic Pool Tile 2.7.1 GNG Glazed Pool Tile 2.7.2 Fujimi Glazed Pool Tile 2.7.3 Olympic Standard Pool tile 2.7.4 Glass Mosaic Pool Tile 2.7.5 Sukabumi Natural Stone Pool Tile   Download General Pool tile PDF 3. WALL TILE – KITCHEN TILE /  BATHROOM TILE 3.1 Subway / Metro Tile 3.2 Spain Handmade Tile 3.3 Ceramic Rainbow Tile Download Rainbow tile PDF 3.4 Geometric Tile Download Geometric tile PDF 3.5 Artisan & Blue White Tile Download Artisan  tile PDF 3.6 Retro Classiko series Download Classiko tile PDF   4. ART MOSAIC 4.1 Glass Mosaic 4.2 Vitro Stone Mosaic 4.3 Glazed & Unglazed Mosaic Download Glass Mosaic 2018 PDF 5. FACADE / CLADDING TILE 5.1 Terracotta Cladding Tile 5.2 Antique Brick 5.3 Rustic Wood Panel 5.4 Exterior Wall Tile Download Wall Facade PDF 6. SKINROCK Download Skinrock PDF 7. ROOF TILE AND OTHERS 7.1 Clay Shingle Roof Tile 7.2 Wood Shingle Roof Tile 7.3 Japan Flat Roof Tile 7.4 Screen Block Download Roof tile PDF   *Note : You can download 2 version of Catalogue in JPEG and PDF format ( PDF format is  recommended for PC user or PDF downloader that available in your Mobile...

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